ACP is a new popular decorative building wall material, which features climate-resistance, colorfulness, easy maintenance , assemble, super strength of peeling-off, striking-resistance, fire-proof capacity, heat resistance& sound insulation, widely welcome by market.


PVC SHEETS Exterior cladding.
PVC SHEETS Innovation of old building’s exterior wall cladding.
PVC SHEETS Balcony, cells, interior partition.
PVC SHEETS Board, nameplate, billboard.


  1. Excellent Desquamation Strength With advanced technology, we have promoted desquamation strength as the most crucial technology index to great extent, and improved features of flatness and weather-resistance co responsively.
  2. Strong Weather Resistance Coated with PVDF fluoro-carbon resin whose raw material is KYNAR-500, it shows strong ability of weather resistance. It features a lasting beauty about 20 years, despite exposed in hot sunshine or chilly cold snow.
  3. Outstanding Fireproof Ability Aluminum Composite panels consist of three layers: interlayer is burning-resisting PE plastic core; surface layer and bottom layer are uninflammable aluminums. As a result, aluminum panel is a kind of safe fireproof material and conforms to fireproof requirements of construction laws and policies.
  4. Excellent Impact Resistance It features good impact resistance, toughness, and bending rigidity. Especially its impact resistance is so strong that even wind and sand can't cause damage on it. 5. Even Coating & Various Colors After chemosynthesis dealing and application of Henkle involucres technology, cohesive force between oil paint and aluminum panels becomes even. Colors are various.
  5. Light weight and Easy Processing Each square meter of aluminum panel only weighs 3.5-5.5 kilograms, which not only reduces the damages caused by earthquakes, but also makes it convenient to carry and transport. Consequently easy and fast installation will make the cost decreasing. Furthermore, aluminum panels are very formable. Only simple woodworkers' tools can finish various shapes such as cutting, milling, slotting, side folding and curving according to different designs.
  6. Low Maintenance Compared with other decorating materials, aluminum panels perform much better in the aspect of pollution resistance. Since now urban pollution is quite serious in China, panels need to be cleaned and maintained after several years. However, due to their good nature of keeping clean, neutral cleanser and water can work well and make them look like new ones

Thickness Thickness of Aluminum Foil Standard Specification Color
2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm (3mm and 4mm are most popular) 0.12 - 0.5mm 1220(width)*2440(length)*3(thickness)MM 1220(width)*2440(length)*4(thickness)MM
Length: 2,440mm,Max length: 6,000mm)
Width: 1,220mm
silver, flash silver, gold,   flash gold,  white, red,      black etc. (as required),Differ
ent colors  can be made according to customer demand.


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