ABS is a "polymericed alloy" of the tree materials acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene. The material is located under the group styrene plastic. Styrene plastics are in volume one of the most used plastics.

Accessories : These products are used to fabricate / decorate the main sign materials. You can keep them the items to compliment and use it as individual.

Properties : The mechanical properties for ABS are good for impact resistance even in low temperatures. The material is stiff, and the properties are kept over a wide temperature range. The hardness and stiffness for ABS is lower than for PS and PVC.

Weather and chemical resistance : The weather resistance for ABS is restricted, but can be drastically improved by additives as black pigments. The chemical resistance for ABS is relatively good and it is not affected by water, non organic salts, acids and basic. The material will dissolve in aldehyde, ketone, ester and some chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Processing : ABS can be processed by standard mechanical tools as used for machining of metals and wood. The cutting speed need to be high and the cutting tools has to be sharp. Cooling is recommended to avoid melting of the material. If the surface finish is of importance for the product, the ABS can be treated with varnish, chromium plated or doubled by a layer of acrylic or polyester. ABS can be glued to it self by use of a glue containing dissolvent. Polyurethane based or epoxy based glue can be used for gluing to other materials

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